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Volunteer Coordinator

Working closely with the Board, Division Coordinators, Tournaments Coordinator and Concession Coordinator, the Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for promoting a league-wide culture that values and rewards volunteer participation from all parents/guardians to help run NWBA practices and games, as well as special events such as Jamborees, Opening Ceremonies, Photo Day, Rally Cap, Tournaments, and Closing Ceremonies.

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicating and promoting the need for parent/guardian volunteers for both team responsibilities (field prep, scorekeeping, pitch counting, etc.) and league-wide events (Jamborees, Opening Ceremonies, Photo Day, Rally Cap, Tournaments, Closing Ceremonies, and other ad hoc requests).
  • Following-up with parents/guardians who have shown interest in volunteering for the league and getting them plugged-in.
  • Maintaining a database of current season parent/guardian volunteers and tracking their league-level hours.
  • Maintaining all volunteer guidelines and policies on the NWBA website.
  • Working with the Tournaments Coordinator to recruit, organize, and track hours for parent/guardian volunteers at each NWBA tournament.
  • Working with the Concession Coordinator to recruit, organize, and track hours for Concession parent/guardian volunteers.
  • Collecting all Volunteer Deposit cheques from Division Coordinators and depositing them, if necessary (i.e. parents/guardians did not meet their volunteer requirements for the season).
  • Organizing a small event (or sending out an email to the league) recognizing and honoring volunteers who have gone above and beyond each season.

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