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New West Umpire Development 2020

By Marc Reyes - Umpire in Chief, 01/17/20, 2:00PM PST


New West Umpire Development Information

Contact Marc Reyes  - Umpire-in-Chief to register and get information. 

Umpiring 101 – There is more to umpiring than just calling Out & Safe and Strike & Ball. In this session we will cover everything you need to know to work the Bases and the Plate, Basic 6
Mechanics as well as tips and tricks to take your game to the next level. THESE SESSIONS ARE FOR NEW UMPIRES HOWEVER RETURNING UMPIRES ARE WELCOME TO COME FOR A

Umpiring 102 – in every baseball game there is always a 3rd team...the Umpiring Crew. The success of the crew depends on how well they understand each other’s responsibilities. We will review the 2 Umpire System on a 60’ Diamond, Primary & Secondary Responsibilities, situational awareness,

Umpiring 103 – review of the 2 Umpire System on a 70’ (Intermediate); 80’ (Junior) and 90’ (Senior) Diamonds. With the bigger field, it is always important for the crew to be on the same page, in order for them to be able to cover plays in any given situation. We will go over Primary & Secondary Responsibilities, situational awareness, coverage & rotations and points of emphasis on the bigger diamonds. THIS SESSION IS FOR THOSE QUALIFIED/INTERESTED IN WORKING THE INTERMEDIATE, JUNIOR & SENIOR DIVISIONS.

Cage Work – an opportunity to work off the rust and hone your plate mechanics and strike zone using live pitching. THESE SESSIONS ARE FOR NEW AND RETURNING UMPIRES. PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE PROPERLY EQUIPPED WITH A PROTECTIVE CUP.

On Field Training – an opportunity to practice your skills in a game environment. Participant will work both the plate and bases, have a chance to shadow and be shadowed on the bases and be provided feedback for both plate and bases. THIS SESSION IS FOR NEW AND RETURNING UMPIRES