T-Ball Division

NWLL is continuing with the Rally Cap Program at the T-Ball Division. The program has been designed specifically for young baseball players and aims to increase interest in baseball. The Rally Cap Program is one of the outcomes of the Long Term Athlete Development Program developed by Sport Canada and is supported by Baseball BC and Baseball Canada.

This division is separated into two levels:

T-Ball 1 - Ages: 4 & 5 year olds who are playing baseball for the first time.
T-Ball 2 - Ages: 5 & 6 year olds who want to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball.

** PARENT PARTICIPATION is MANDATORY for this division. **

Personal Equipment Required
baseball glove

Personal Equipment Recommended
(not mandatory)
baseball shoes with plastic cleats
protective cup / jock

Season Duration
April – mid June

Games and Practices at Grimston Park

Additional Play
Players from T-Ball 2 may be selected to play in the T-Ball Jamboree, held at the end of June.

Team Size
T-Ball 1: 5-6 players
T-Ball 2: 8-9 Players

Provided with Registration
league baseball cap
team colour numbered shirt
participation medal

Events per Week
T-Ball 1 & 2: Weekend game 1.5 hours
T-Ball 1: Weeknight practice 45 minutes
T-Ball 2: Weeknight practice 1 hour

Rally Cap

The goals of Rally Cap program are to:
1) Create an environment in which children and adults can have fun with baseball.
2) Teach baseball skills, rules and strategy to our players.
3) Model and teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship
4) Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap children and adults.

All Rally Caps will be done on an individual, not team, basis. A player must achieve the prescribed goals in order to receive their cap. There will be 2 Rally Cap sessions per season.